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Just got back from a 5 night stay on points here and the experience left quite a bit to be desired, though there were some redeeming moments. This is long - sorry!

I'm Platinum Elite (qualified on stays with SPG pre combined program) and didn't use any SNAs for this trip, so I wasn't expecting to get the absolute best room available. However, based on trip advisor reviews online and in this thread I probably got my hopes up a bit too much expecting an upgrade. My "room preferences" are for a high floor with a view, but I was assigned room 125, the standard king room on the first floor with a view of the bar. While we checked in I reiterated my preferences and my desire for something that was maybe on a higher floor or perhaps with a balcony and I was met with a cold "we're overbooked and that's all that we have - would you like points or breakfast as your platinum benefit?" I guess I was supposed to be happy with not being walked. The agent at the desk did tell us that he would try to get us a room upgrade if possible later in the stay. When I asked the next morning because there were balcony rooms and suites bookable online, he told me that he remembers me and there's still nothing - as I expected I never heard from him again.

The room itself is okay - the mirror behind the bed was dusty, the glass table tops have been scratched to hell, the showerhead is covered in hard water stains, and the carpet is pulling up next to the nightstand. Welcome gift in the room on night one was a large bottle of Evian, one glass (the room was booked for two...?) and four macarons. On the third night (Monday, of all nights?!?) the bar outside the window starts playing club music at 8:30 pm. Unfortunately, this happened to be the day we were planning on getting to bed early. I called down to guest services, who said they'd check on it, but when they called back 20 minutes later they told me that they weren't sure where it was coming from and immediately hung up... at this point I walked down to the front desk and requested to be moved; this is where Erica was wonderful. She assured me that she would block out an upgraded room for the last night of our stay but there was still nothing that could be done for that night or the next. I told her that I knew it was busy and I wasn't upset at her - rather I was just a bit let down by the whole situation. She understood and was apologetic. However she also called over to the bar and told me they weren't sure when they'd be stopping the music, which left me a little dumbfounded.

We were eventually able to move to a mosaic suite on our final night thanks to Erica's help (seriously, she was so lovely and kind). We called down about 9:00am and told guest services that our bags were packed so they could move us to the other room. Apparently the person in the suite before us elected to stay basically all day (even past 4:00) so that suite wasn't ready until close to 5:45. Erica offered complimentary drinks in the bar, though, so the late room gets a pass.

  • Concierge was helpful for everything we wanted to do (mostly simple dining recommendations as well as confirming one reservation for us), but we didn't ask them to do anything particularly difficult. Still, they were reasonably nice and helpful.
  • The bar was decorated wonderfully - if drinks weren't 30 bucks a pop I'd be there every night.
  • Erica at the front desk was a saint in helping to move us to a nicer suite if only for one night. That room had a beautiful patio and was quite spacious.
  • Staff is very hit or miss - some front desk agents are great while others act like you've murdered their pets or something. One server at breakfast was great while the others avoided making eye contact at all costs, even when repeatedly flagged down.
  • Speaking of breakfast, we were told that the whole buffet (charcuterie, hard boiled eggs, pastries, and juices) was available to us as the platinum benefit. We elected not to order eggs because the buffet was sufficient, but I'd imagine that you'd just pay the difference (like 10euro) if you wanted to upgrade. The spread was okay but I seriously can't fathom who would spend 39 euro on the buffet unless they had a fat expense account or just heaps of money.
  • The above mentioned room maintenance issues (see attached pictures)
  • We were so underwhelmed by our overall experience at the hotel that we elected to cancel our reservations at La Scene for Tuesday and go elsewhere (spent that money at the A.P.C. Surplus... good choice I think ). I will say that the restaurant was beautiful when we were there for breakfast.
I should note that I am young man (24) traveling with my also young boyfriend and we used points for this stay. Maybe if we were paying cash or if we looked older and/or richer we would have had a better experience. Nothing was really bad, it's just that very little of it was truly good. Bottom line for me is that for 240k points/5 nights (booked at reduced point price currently available) it seems passable. For the 340k points/5 nights this will cost starting in 2019 please stay elsewhere.

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