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Originally Posted by Nick Art View Post
Not quite as bad but similar situation in EDI. The Lounge is really nothing to brag about, quite the opposite. To add insult to injury, after checking it out and not being too impressed I left it to visit the toilet (the lounge has none) and upon my return there was a sign explaining that the lounge was now overcrowded and no access would be granted anymore. (Quite embarassing being denied access to a such mediocre lounge).

I then spent my time in a nice little caffť next to my gate to then do *priority* boarding together with 50% of the plane (apparently 50% of the pax and 100% of the gate leece were *G, but I and 4 others were the only actual J pax), very much to the anger of the passenger behind me who vented about it rather loud.

I enjoyed the experience nontheless.
The sign says that access isnít granted to those holding membership cards. Like OP complaining about MAN access is always granted to eligible card holders of FFPs and C pax from the contracted airlines. Iíve always been able to get a seat in EDI even during the summer rush. Itís a fairly crap lounge of course, but I can remember thinking that about many of LH own lounges! DUS comes to mind...

Priority in EDI works very well. Iíve never seen a huge priority queue. I fly from this station between 2 and 3 times every month for years. Queue on the left by the barrier as the non-preem pax queue in a tense.

EDI ground staff wear the LH hat, but stations like KRK with 6x as many departures donít. Theyíre all contract though right?
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