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Originally Posted by rossmacd View Post
BA crews in HKG do typically enjoy themselves downroute, which is good to see, since HKG is also one of my favourite cities. One time, I do remember doing some sort of karaoke with a few BA crew members in the wee small hours at a bar in LKF about 8 or 9 years ago. A great time was had by all.
I'll never forget my first trip there. I was feeling quite awake still after a team dinner and ended up on my own in a little bar a couple of streets from my hotel, where there was a covers band from Kuala Lumpur playing. I think there can't have been more than 5 of us drinking / watching the band and the singer decided he'd had enough towards the end of the set. I'd been sitting at the bar, having a last couple of beers, singing along, and he just walked over, grabbed a beer from the barman and handed me the mic, along with the setlist with the last three songs on (which luckily I knew).

So not quite Karaoke - more an impromptu (and unpaid although I had about another 5 free beers after that) gig as frontman for this Malaysian covers band.

I fell in love with the city right there I think...
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