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Originally Posted by Saint4805 View Post
Firstly a message to the rant police, this is a lighthearted and amusing reflection of some DYKWIA behavior I have witnessed in hotel elevators over the past few weeks. It doesnít bother me and I have shrugged it off so please donít worry about my mental health

1. That person who barges their way in as soon as the doors open before waiting to see if anyone already in the elevator wants to get out. Or parents who say nothing when their kids do it.
2. That person who stands one foot in and one foot out preventing the door from closing just to finish a conversation they are having with someone standing outside the elevator meaning that everyone else inside has to wait.
3. That impatient person who starts to curse or gets visibly angry when the elevators stops at multiple floors (usually on the way down).

Any others to add? I think no. 2 is my favorite from a DYKWIA perspective.
I encountered #2 a week ago, but supercharged. Someone had set their bag down, blocking the door of the elevator from closing, while they got a drink from the vending machine 15 feet away. The elevator's alarm was going off, so who knows how long it had been that way and how long the people on the floors above were waiting for an elevator to come get them. Probably at least 5 minutes.

I came very close to accidentally kicking the bag into the elevator, stepping inside, taking it to a random floor and kicking it out. In retrospect, I wish I had. Instead, I just politely asked "is this your bag?" and they just came and grabbed it, pushed their floor and went on like nothing was the matter. I was stunned.
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