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I accompanied a friend who used to be BA crew on a HKG trip once. It was a celebration of my 30th birthday and a 'get away from it all' break after a close family member had died. I remember staying at The Excelsior, celebrating Chinese new year on the roof top while watching the fireworks over the harbour, landing drinks in Dickens bar with most of the crew present and generally not sleeping very much the entire time we were there. As we were waiting for transport back to HKG for the return flight, I noticed a familiar face sat down waiting with his I assume his wife. It turned out it was one of the flight crew from the BA009 volcanic ash engine fail over Indonesia and I'd recognised him from an episode of Mayday/Air Crash Investigation! What with 2x daily 744 flights arriving and departing at similar times, there were always BA uniforms to be seen in the hotel. I remember another crew arriving and low and behold another friend was part of that crew. Complete surprise. I've got a photo of the three of us in reception somewhere and will always remember The Excelsior with fond memories for these reasons.
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