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Originally Posted by Thunderroad View Post
I recently applied for this card and was notified by Amex that I had to get my banker to certify my address, that I have an account with the bank, etc. (Though nothing about verifying my business income is being asked for.) I had to go through the same hoops with another Amex business card, for SPG, a couple of years ago, but this initial request was followed by requests for additional information and verification that got so ridiculous that I just gave up.

FWIW, I have an 800+ credit score, an actual sole proprietorship consulting business that constitutes my pretty decent source of income and have an excellent track record with getting and paying on time multiple Amex business and personal cards over the years. I've only encountered this obstacle with this recent Blue Business application and the previous SPG Business one. The one thing that might distinguish me negatively, though I doubt I'm alone in this respect these days, is that I have placed a credit freeze on new accounts. What this normally means is that cc companies call me first just to verify the information before approving applications.

So...does anyone else have this problem with Amex business card applications? Could mine be because of the credit freeze, even though it normally is not a problem for me? Any other theories?

Thanks for any advice.
Sorry about my delay in replying to your helpful replies. In any event...

Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
do you still have the starwood? did you ever deal with service reps for it?
No, I never got the SPG business card. After applying for it, I had to jump through multiple hoops, including obtaining and providing to Amex the letter from my banker. But even after providing that letter, there was something else Amex still wanted me to do (sorry, I forget exactly what), so I dropped it. FWIW, the service reps all along the way were in India.

Originally Posted by sdsearch View Post
Did you give your name as the business name or did you gave another business name? If another business name, they're asking for address verification for the business, not for you.
I simply gave my name as my business name, which reflects the reality of my situation: I'm a self-employed consultant who is not incorporated in any way. I did provide my federal tax ID #, FWIW, but I've always done that with other business cards for which I've had no problem getting approved.

UPDATE: On the basis of the letter I got from Amex re this card (asking for a confirmation of my address from my banker) and my previous experience with the SPG business card application, I'd ignored a phone message from Amex asking me to call about the application. I'd assumed that if I returned the call, the CSR would simply ask me to submit the banker's letter.

Lo and behold, though, I decided to call today and got approved with no problem. And I received a prompt email from Amex to that effect. Not sure why I got conflicting information by letter and by phone, but glad it worked out. Thanks again to you two for the replies.

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