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Originally Posted by Sisyphus1carus View Post
Hi, the website does a terrible job of making the difference between the Harbour View Room and a Deluxe Harbour View Room clear.

Can anyone who has been in / stayed in both rooms advise what the difference is ?
Is it just that one is just larger ?
Or has a better view ? Or do both have very similar view ? (obviously they will be similar but is one side-on and a smaller view etc....)

Upgrade seems to be +800HKD for Harbour View Room and ~ +1600HKD for a Deluxe Harbour View Room, with +3000HKD for the jump to a junior deluxe suite (when the outright cash price difference is only 1000HKD !!!) Yes - I asked if I could just pay the 1000 and they said no :-(
The regular harbour view rooms are tiny. The deluxe are somewhat bigger, but still small.
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