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Originally Posted by m3red View Post
THe seats are already a little grubby! In my suite the mirror where the vanity kit is wouldn’t pop open as the spring was broken but they don’t have spare parts due to it being so new!

Still amazing but i worry about what these will look like in 2 years time
I recently flew first on a 4 months old plane with my bf. There were a lot of issues with the suites already.
-My vanity mirror wouldn't open anymore
-The table didn't seem to lock when latched; it would slide out several times during take off
-My suite door didn't latch and thus the door slammed into the closed position during landing
-My suite door was almost impossible to open when I closed my suite to have some privacy. I had to put a lot of power onto the door in order to open it. I almost even broke the "doorknob".
-Several of the slats in the door were bent. Two even fell out of the door during the flight and other components appeared to be rather flimsy
-The door of the suite next to me was jammed and couldnt be closed at all. The flightcrew tried to solve the issue but were not able to fix it. Luckily it was just the two of us, so my bf could move to another suite.

I had a fabulous flight nonetheless. Crew were super nice and well intentioned. Food was great and the suite was super comfortable.
However, for a brand new plane, I was shocked there were so many issues with the suites already.
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