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Originally Posted by Hoyaheel View Post
My travel blanket is coolmax, I've had for ages and can't actually remember where I got it -Magellan's or Travelsmith, for around $40. Amazon has them though. For regular travel, this lightweight option has been fine (I esp love it for wrapping up on the couch of an apt rental while drinking my wine at night ;-)
This sounds so civilized!

Originally Posted by tcl View Post
Try Costco, TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Century 21 and look for scarves, shawls and ponchos. Some ponchos are modified shawls and can be converted back by letting out the seams.

Also, is this blanket to be used on the plane or at your destination and how big does it need to be? I have the Costco down throw that I have cut up and sewn into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces also squish up smaller.
I've been checking TJ Maxx and C21 hoping that I could turn something up. No luck yet. Now that it's gotten cooler I've been thinking about it more and more. I'm looking for something primarily to use on the plane.

It's funny but I had found a lovely merino hooded cardigan/wrap wrap at TJ Maxx a few years ago that I had been wrapping myself in when I fly (but could only cover arms or legs, never both). But I basically only used it on the plane. That's what led me towards the blanket idea. When I fist started flying more I'd read the threads and thing "why would I clutter up my bag with my own blanket?" And now, after a few years of FT tenure my onboard purse isn't bulging at the seams with useless items and ther's plenty of room for a small travel blanket. Plus I've realized that having a little bit of comfort on the plane makes the journey better.

Originally Posted by DragonSoul View Post
If you find yourself in the UK (or are willing to spend 25 for shipping), there's the Rohan Extrafine Merino travel blanket at 59 (US$80):

I carry an extra large extrafine merino cardigan from Uniqlo, which is about US$25. Seemed a cheaper option than a purpose-made item, although obviously it doesn't completely wrap like a blanket does.
Uniqlo! I can't believe that I forgot to check them out. I grab basics from them all of the time and those cardigans are lovely. I wonder if they'll do scarves or blankets this year? The cardigans aren't quite enough.
And I'll keep the Rohan in mind when I'm next in the UK.

I knew there had to be more options out there. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
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