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I will be in Tasmania for a week in mid-November and have a couple of questions re: previous posts.

Originally Posted by MaxVO View Post
I also ended up skipping the Cradle Mountain on a recommendation from a local. It's now very crowded with tourists that arrive by busloads. I was staying near Mount Roland, and went hiking to that part instead.
MaxVO, was the recommendation based purely on the fact that it would be crowded with busloads of tourists? Or were there other factors that you know of?

And for the larger readership what would the situation be midweek in the middle of November? Is Cradle Mountain worth a day trip then, or should I pick an alternative?

Originally Posted by mileagerunner View Post
I thought Wineglass Bay was overrated and a wasted detour
Mileagerunner, what led you to that conclusion? Pictures of Wineglass Bay make it look beautiful (and, or course, as if you are the only one there, LOL). I've also had former residents of Tassie tell me it's worth a visit. If it's to be avoided (ether in mid-November or completely), can you recommend alternatives?

Maria Island is out for me on this trip (the same former Tassie residents said give it a pass; they know me well, so it might have to do with me rather than anything inherent to the island ).

I would like to see penguins if possible, though, as well as spectacular coastal scenery.

FWIW, I'm flying into Hobart and out of Launceston.

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