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Originally Posted by wantan View Post
was there yesterday at 1130pm (using as arrival lounge) . front desk welcomed me and said lounge was 24h. was the only guest there (loads of staff) got myself a drink when a different staff came over looking smugly at her watch and told me lounge closes at midnight didn't argue and just "ok-ied" her. saw a few other staff partaking from the buffet ... is it really that hard for MH to keep discipline ?

wasn't approached again about lounge closing but I left around 1230am since it wasn't the most comfortable experience having staff glancing at you every few minutes ... and not attempting to clear the table at all.

satellite lounge bar area was closed, but there was an ice bowl at the main buffet area with tiger, calsburg and 3 types of wines. no spirits.
Originally Posted by Frayed_Yak View Post
Can anyone confirm the opening hours for the International Satellite lounges? Is it now 24 hours?
The website says 24 hours, but I trust FT more than the MH website!

It's definitely 24 hours. I've recently made a painful overnight at the F-side of satellite. The restaurant at F closes at 2300 hrs I was told, and the J side buffet closes later. The F restaurant doesn't reopen until 0630 am or so, thus breakfast can be had at the J lounge buffet in the early hours of the morning.

The nap area at F lounge is really quite dreadful, it isn't soundproof so you'll hear every conversation from the main area of the lounge. The seats aren't very suitable for sleeping and is better for lounging, quite a significant change from the sleeping rooms in the past.
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