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Originally Posted by UKtravelbear View Post
The op is neither arriving very late at night nor departing at the crack of dawn so has a plethora of hotels to chose from - many providing better value for money than the Sofitel.
Agreed. While hardly a budget option, I'd book a hotel near Paddingdon and would plan to have dinner somewhere in central London and to take the HEX back in the morning (which is probably as quick or quicker than taking the bus back from some of the LHR hotels).

Originally Posted by tfjim View Post
LHR is quite possibly the worst place to overnight if you don't have ePassport or Fast Track.
Perhaps a tad hyperbolic.
I have no doubt that many here could easily identify far worse airports at which to overnight.

Originally Posted by tfjim View Post
Last summer I did PSA-LHR-ORD with an overnight at the Sheraton. The PSA-LHR flight was slightly delayed, and that combined with the horrific wait (more than an hour) at immigration T5 meant a really lousy overnight. The only brightside was that the ongoing ORD flight left early enough that security was easy the next morning.

My dreams of a nice workout and dinner and a cocktail in the lobby were crushed by the sad reality of LHR and UK immigration lines.
My comment above notwithstanding, I do remember an occasion on which I was on a TLV-LHR flight that was scheduled to arrive in time for a run and dinner in London. Between a late arrival and Border Control's evening de-staffing of the immigration desks, I didn't get into London until after 10pm. The only good part of the story is that I was so frustrated by the experience that I forced myself to de-stress by going out for a late night run in a cold steady rain, and found the experience so euphoric that I ended up doing two laps around the perimeter of Hyde Park rather than my normal one.

Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
The UK government will later today announce its intent to allow "low risk" countries to use the e-gates, and I'm almost certain that means US, Canadian and many other Commonwealth citizens. I'm not sure of timing, but my guess is that this will be from the end of 2020.
Some of us -- I am American -- can already use the e-gates, as we are eligible to sign up for the "Registered Traveler" program. If one is a regular visitor to the UK, it's absolutely essential. (My story above occurred during the period of time between when Iris was decommissioned and the Registered Traveler program was launched.)
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