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Originally Posted by nacho View Post
The devaluation is expected - it's too generous for low priced Y tickets IMO.
I am not so sure. I was convinced the previous devaluation (or two) was fine. When SK was paying 1000 points per segment it sounded like too good to be true. Right now, I can see the development like in LH group. I don't find a 2 1 hour legs priced 150 EUR to be dirt cheap, yet they will be earning zero points. The long haul awards in GO are even more of a joke, if I understand the table correctly.

It is expected in the sense, that the economy seems to be going good, and they probably experience increased traffic, so they hope to keep the cost level, while increasing profit. A fair perspective. I only wonder whether they are not overplaying it. I think the loyalty to SK in the Scandinavian market is already shaken among professionals. I would say among tourists is long gone. Now they might start loosing a lot of professionals using the airlines frequently. I really hope they calculated this well. My personal decisions are probably not that important here - I will, as usual, find some local optimum for a few years, be it SK or not. But whatever I choose, I would like SK to thrive.
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