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Originally Posted by don_hansen View Post
What's it the strategic reasons for this - other than just cost savings? Each tier threshold must be cut in half. Even more of us must be leaving. This will probably mean, that I will go floating between programs, as I cannot uphold top tier anymore. Might as well just go googling for each flight and then go for cheapest bizz TATL. I am so puzzled and a little frustrated - like being dumped by a girl, almost. SAS is really not loving me.
This is the tactic I will be seriously considering. What I need is short connections, fast track, lounge access, and minimum acceptable service (which is really low for me, DY would do, FR/EU2 would not) on European shorthaul. I won't be paying flex tickets to get that. Might just go back to whatever these services cost on the day I am flying. Everywhere I fly there is an alternative to SK. Not sure if maintaining status helps any more (for me MM and EB are natural choices, but none of them is particularly attractive). SK might be playing on emotions and attachments here, but for me it is a matter of pure calculation what is the cheapest acceptable service. I don't know yet, if I will be leaving EB, but for the first time it is not obvious for me that I will be staying.
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