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I don't have first hand experience with this question as I haven't had the case where I've spent money at a Marriott property and tried to get points separate from a folio (whether on my Marriott credit card or as a Qualifying Charge). However, theoretically, if anything comes up as a Marriott charge, you'd get 5x or 6x points on a Marriott credit card (depending which card you have). In addition, I believe in theory it might be possible to get the 10 points per dollar spend on food/beverage at a Marriott property (usually this is 10 points/dollar on one's folio) through Marriott Rewards. The program terms and conditions say:

2.1.a. A Member will earn:

i. Ten (10) base Points for each U.S. dollar, or the currency equivalent, that is incurred and paid for by the Member on Qualifying Charges in accordance with Section 2.1.b. except at Element, Residence Inn, and TownePlace Suites properties, where a Member will earn five (5) base Points for each U.S. dollar spent on Qualifying Charges; and except at Marriott Executive Apartments and ExecuStay properties where a Member will earn two and a half (2.5) base Points for each U.S. dollar spent on Qualifying Charges
The next section defines qualifying charges:

2.1.b. Qualifying Charges. Qualifying Charges are:
ii. Charges incurred by the Member, without a stay in a guest room, for food and beverage (excluding alcoholic beverage where prohibited by law) at restaurants located within or adjacent to Participating Properties that offer this benefit if:

A. the restaurant permits guests to charge food and beverages on their folios;

B. the charges are greater than $10 U.S. dollars (excluding taxes, service charges, and gratuities);

C. the food and beverages are not in connection with a banquet, meeting or other function that is excluded from Qualifying Charges as provided in Section 2.1.b. and

provided the Member provides his/her Membership Number at the time of payment. Elite bonus Points will not be awarded on charges incurred by the Member without a stay in a guest room under Section 2.1.b(ii).
(The 2.1.b(ii) reference seems like it might be wrong, as its just referencing its own section.) To me this seems to suggest that if you're at a Participating Property, food and beverage purchases over $10 might qualify towards additional point earning through Marriott Rewards. Though others here more versed in reading the Marriott T&C, or those who've done this before might have more insight.
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