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How very sad. My thoughts and heartfelt wishes go out to the crew treated so despicably.

When I left Dan Air my pension was frozen, and subsequently BA took over Dan, including the pension fund, so I now find myself a BA pensioner. This may be one of the last occasions an airline treated its staff fairly. The manager flown back on Cathay was probably upgraded and treated Royally by Cathay management for sticking it to the pesky crew. Cathay is the airline that unilaterally fired 52 pilots, some of whom were down route on trips and were fired by fax, and treated despicably there after. A common modus operandi for the way airlines treat their employees, exacerbated by the weak labour laws in Hong Kong.

Before Mrs rapidex and I depart on our next trip, in a few days time I have ignored the poug BA have sent us, and instead will donate the revenue BA would have got to the crew fund. Poetic justice.

I hope all hurt by this will recover and continue with a happy life.
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