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Originally Posted by Quark999 View Post
I hate all of this as much as everyone else, but I'm surprised by the surprise - I've seen the exact same type of approach in my own career from two quite respected NASDAQ listed US IT companies, including severances that were illegal both in the UK and Germany.
I expect nothing else in this day and age - am I overly pessimistic or are some people here living in a nice cuddly bubble? I'd love to have the kind of job that everyone here seems to have, I didn't think they existed anymore...
I think this is less about this isolated incident (however deeply savoury it is), and that many people (on FT, in the media, and increasingly amongst the general population) are constantly waiting for the next BA balls up. And they keep coming, sure as night follows day, each plumbing new and different depths of inadequacy and heartlessness.
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