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Originally Posted by Majuki View Post
First, did the officer specifically say I-94? The written I-94 went away 5 years ago and was an arrival/departure record, nothing to do with customs. I don't prepare a customs form just in case. I've only had one instance of the kiosks being down, and I filled out the form on the spot in front of the officer without issue.
Yes, the officer specifically said I-94, probably for immigration not customs, like you said, arrival/departure records. The flight attendants were still handling them out for visitors. He was saying that if the GE kiosks were all down and I hadn't filled out one I would be waiting at the back of the lines for the regular lines instead of the GE lines. Trying to teach me a lesson I guess, and with that attitude he was showing, I probably wouldn't be able to fill that out on the spot anyway. YMMV?
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