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Extreme Entitlement

I was patiently waiting in the line for group 1 in SFO. The agent was helping a Group 3 family (I was drinking in the Centurion during pre-boarding so my bad) . It wasn’t a big deal. A couple guys had stacked up behind me. Also not a big deal we are all gonna get on the damn plane!

So we are all shocked when a gentleman pushes us all out the way, declaring “ I am 1K!” He pushes the family at the podium out of the way and drops a snarl of crumpled boarding passes down! He needed some kinda customer service help. Outraged the guy behind me yells something at him; cuts in front of me and pushes the whole mess off on the floor and slammed his boarding pass on the scanner and pushes ahead of us all and boards the plane. All the while agent and family are just dumbfounded.

The whole scene was absurd! I mean a bunch of grown ... men acting like toddlers over who got on the airplane first. I have never before in my life been embarrassed to be flying in F 😝

I can’t find imagine what goes on in someone’s head to think they are entitled to act in such a way. Even if all this premier/elite nonsense really meant anything how did he know we weren’t all GS?

I guess I am just venting but it was disgusting. I am going to be the most humble low maintenance Platinum Elite at Marriott tonight they have ever seen!

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