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Just to circle back and add — my wife and I did the SQ 781 on DPS - SIN - DPS and then yesterday did the NZ 789 on AKL - PPT (and the purser noted that it was a brand new 789 because the IFE was having some teething problems with getting free movies loaded for Works passengers).

The difference was stark — SQ plane felt significantly more comfortable, open, the IFE screen was much bigger and the movies loaded on it were clear (watched Friends on both and on SQ it was HD quality and on NZ it was SD and not even widescreen).

NZ plane felt like I was flying on a US airline (take your pick) and SQ felt like a premium airline even in Y.

Take it for what it’s worth but if booking Y in the region again, I would prefer SQ where possible (the 781 was also better than the QF Y A330 flight I flew back on December on SYD - SIN)
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