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Originally Posted by Pilot37 View Post
Was told by LGW crew last month that BKK has been reviewed with a view to moving it to LGW [...]
I was also told HNL as a tag-on to the OAK service had been investigated but the numbers didn’t stack up.

Havana would definitely be an interesting addition, not sure on St Maartin, but given their coverage in the region - it is a missing piece of the jigsaw.
I wouldn’t be surprised if BKK were the prime candidate for the high-density A350s when they arrive, given that the struggle is apparently with premium yields.

HNL would never have taken off as a tag from OAK as BA has never had - and will never have - traffic/cabotage rights. It’s direct or nothing.

St Maarten would be nice but I think too sewn up by AF and KL. Are there any more ‘colonies’ in the Caribbean without British service? That would seem the most logical to me.
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