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Originally Posted by Jammers20 View Post
I think a319s all have a divider - thew two I was on to Sevilla int he summer did.
What A319s have to do with the price of fish is irrelevant, this thread is exclusively about A320s and in particular the GATx range that came second-hand from other airlines that didnít have a bulkhead there.

For those saying BA shouldnít allow jumpseat travel and to force captains into that... you clearly donít know pilots, who would raise serious industrial disputes over it, or at the very least, insist on a seat always remaining empty in case their wife/mistress wants to join them. Seriously.

I actually donít see the problem with it. Thereís lots of space, youíd be unlikely to sit looking at them the whole flight (unless they were cute...), and you never know, chatting to them might be good for you, you might learn something.

Oh, and donít the A321s have similar seats around doors 2 and 3? And in the case of neos, no galley space at all? So get used to it happening even more.......
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