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Originally Posted by sharmaintl View Post
When I boarded UA6150 yesterday, all the first class overhead bins were closed. I was in 2C. I asked the flight attendant if they were full. He said yes. I proceeded to open the bin anyways to see if my small carry-on could be fitted in by adjusting bags. I saw a small backpack and asked the FA if he could ask a passenger to place it under the seat in front of them as is announced on United flights. This made the FA very upset. He started speaking in a vey loud voice that he could not do that as it would take away leg room from the passenger and make them uncomfortable. I said that this was United policy to put small bags under the seat, and that way I could get my bag in (I never personally touched the backpack - I would never touch someone else's bag). He got even more upset and started repeatedly saying very loudly 'what do you want me to do, the bins are full'. I placed my bag in economy and came sat at my seat. After a few minutes, the FA had stopped the boarding and has brought the captain to my seat. He told the captain that I was being disruptive and was escalating the situation and needed to be removed from the flight. Fortunately for me a passenger sitting behind me stepped in and said that the FA was the one abusing me and I had not even spoken a word since he became upset and started screaming at me. The Captain apologized, said there must have been some miscommunication and left. The FA then suddenly moved the backpack and made space for my bag, which he should have done in the 1st place.

I got to stay on the flight because of a helpful passenger. The Captain may have had no option but to deplane me on the false word of the FA that I was disrupting the flight.

This is unacceptable behavior and as a long term UA customer, I am shocked to see such lack of respect and abusive behavior one hears of, in person. I have filed a complaint with the ground supervisor at the destination airport and on (awaiting response). Not really sure how to far to push this. I am thinking of writing a blog post about this on my blog on BoardingArea and even going to the press. I would have let the verbal abuse go, but asking the captain to remove me was crossing the line.
Sorry to hear about that experience. Sounds like this was a UA Express flight and those FAs can really stink. I would write to UA about the situation so they can take appropriate action against the FA.

However, the pilot is not required to do anything. They are the ultimate decisionmaker on the flight. They can hear out the FA but they don't have to act on what the FA says. Good pilots will truly assess the situation for themselves.
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