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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
Did you receive confirmation emails on the Detachment AND the conversion to the NC4?

When you move a cert to another reservation, the procedure seems to be
1) detach the cert.
2) if it is an OC, it needs to be converted to a NC before it can be used again.
3) attach the NC to the new reservation.

Each step should generate a confirmation email.
1) and 2) related to the cert movements.
3) related to the reservation now has an eCert attached.

All should be done on the same phone call that should not take more than 10 to 15 min if that much, even by competent US based reps. And yes, they should happen when you were still on the phone with the rep,

If by tomorrow you still see the cert being available and the new reservation still has not had a new cert attached, then the rep has not finished the job.

I dont believe today has any difference because the system has been allowing the bookings for well over 10 days by now. Look back on what were posted on this thread, many have gone thru the conversion whether from a stand alone OC, or from an attached OC. So the ability to do the jobs have been in the system long before today - it is more a matter of having a competent rep to do the job than anything else.
Those are the three steps I asked her to do and she said she did. However, I didn't receive emails for any of them. Still not seeing the cert attached to the new reservation. Only change is no cert attached to initial reservation. Sounds like I will be back on the phone.
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