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Thanks for the clarification, that is reassuring. I converted an OC5 to a NC4 last week on the UK line and my NC4 reservation shows those two sentences along with the 45,000 points plus taxes. I thought the 45K might be the surrender value like you mentioned.

I received a confirmation email when the OC5 certificate was cancelled however I never received a confirmation email for the NC4 certificate that was ordered. I called back in and the agent actually gave me the NC4 certificate number. I asked about the expiry date and he wasn't able to access that.

September 18th was the day changes are officially allowed for travel packages. Has anyone had any luck at the North American call centers today with changing old certificates to new ones?
I've been able to convert all 8 of my TPs into new NCs after calling the Platinum line in North America today and attach one to a reservation. The whole process took about 45 minutes.
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