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dwagent -- if your issue is health-related, and if the first/business class seats can't accommodate you, your situation should be covered under the Air Carrier Access Act and its implementing regulations which (among other things) prohibits a customer from requesting an accommodation that requires seating in a cabin other than that which they purchased.

Ironically, that provision -- typically viewed as protecting airlines -- may actually protect you in this case. Again, this would only apply to certain situations, and I strongly urge you not to post your specific medical condition in a public forum but rather to try and work it out with the airline and, if that fails, to contact a competent attorney. There are several public advocacy organizations in the U.S. for persons with disabilities, some of whom do focus on air travel-related issues as part of their portfolios.

While your situation may be uncommon, that does not reduce your entitlement to protection by receiving a seat in the cabin you purchased on the same basis as other flyers. Which, it sounds like, it what you're basically going for.

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As for what seat in economy is so's not any particular seat or any general reason, it's related to a personal health don't worry, no one is missing out on any secret fun in the back of the cattle car...
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