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Originally Posted by COSPILOT View Post
Her words: "My husband is a 1K and always gives me his seat when we travel together". My response was that I do the same for my wife, but you aren't her, I simply work with you. Nevertheless, she made my life a living hell as she had favoritism with our boss and I finally gave in and left the company.
Wow, what a horrible, entitled, execrable excuse for a human being.

Originally Posted by eng3 View Post
WOW. I typically travel solo. When travelling with a coworker, I usually do my best to extend as many benefits as I can, premier checkin, security, boarding, e+ seat. The only time I've gotten a CPU happened to be with my boss, but I did get him a e+ seat. I felt slightly bad and gave him 2 drink vouchers. Something came up during the trip and he had to fly back early so no e+. I gave him 4 more drink vouchers.
Ditto here, as well as lounge access, and where possible and we're on the same itinerary I try to get them companion upgrades. And often it comes with free consulting / "mileage makeover" and advice about how to travel. Ditto hotels, where I get them free drinks, breakfasts, invite them into club, etc. Net result is a reputation where people want to travel with me ... instead of resenting, they appreciate that I "spread the wealth" and, perhaps more usefully, spread the knowledge. Puts me in a "go-to" situation for anyone traveling to, pretty much, anywhere.

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