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Originally Posted by moondog View Post
The language is crystal clear to me. How would you improve it?
The current language in Timatic is certainly clearer than in the past. I presume carriers all over the world have fewer problems now than they did with the previous language.

That being said, you do understand the rule has no logic, right? For example, PAX 1 buys a ticket flying from LAX to PVG to LAX and must have a visa while PAX 2 buys a ticket flying from LAX to PVG and returning to LAX with a connection at NRT and does not need to have a visa.

If the Chinese government truly wanted to address this issue, they could simply implement a rule that citizens of designated countries visiting PVG and exiting the country can visit visa free for up to 144 hours. Unless they implement a logical rule, carriers globally will continue to have a problem since the distinction between PAX 1 and PAX 2 makes no sense to the average agent checking passengers in.
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