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Based on definitions in timatic, which is an indusrty tool, it seems quite reasonable for the airline to read it as per industry definitions which is

A scheduled en route stopping station on a flight.

If on a r/t ticket to China, then I can see why the airline will not class that as a trasit point, but is the destination of the journey

Also if only transitting en-route back to USA , again can see how this is not viewed as a transit

If China really is saying that no visa is needed as long as passenger has an onward journey out of china other than direct to country of origin, then it should update it - or is it China authorities that created the definition for timatic

What authorities may allow when a passenger arrives in the country ( which it seems that any onward flight is ok ) it should provide that clarification and then airlines will , like any other country, likely have no issues with passengers

The Embassy site at Visa-free Entry into Mainland China does say

Originally Posted by China
B. You must transit to a third country or region through one of the following specified international airports:

•Beijing via Beijing Capital International Airport,;
•Shanghai via Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong International Airport;
•Guangzhou via Baiyun International Airport,
•Chengdu via Shuangliu International Airport;
•Chongqing via Jiangbei International Airport;
•Shenyang via Taoxian International Airport;
•Dalian via Zhoushuizi International Airport;
•Xi'an via Xianyang International Airport.

C. You must have a through air ticket with confirmed date of flight and seat for a third country or region.
So does seem that cases where someone has a separate booking onwards, does not comply with the stated requirements (e.g. a cruise) - someone at a turnaround point seems possibly also not in line with it - seems that the listed requirements do not match the day to day acceptance at the airport on arrival - the airline can only be expected to go by what is stated, not what may be allowed

Originally Posted by moondog View Post
TIMATIC's language is not hard for (even semi) educated people to comprehend.
the language is not clear that any onward travel is ok - regardless of how the immigration officers may allow it
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