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Originally Posted by CXfanatic View Post
My dad's friend's flight from CCU-HKG and HKG-SFO on CX has been canceled for this reason. They've decided to re-route him and put him on EK, so he'll end up reaching 2.5 hours later than CX870 (at 2PM instead).
Originally Posted by simonjp View Post
Just got an update for HKG -> LHR :: CX237 & CX255 in small hours Monday 17th are moved to after 1000, so a delay of about 10 hours. The 3 daytime flights on Sunday are cancelled, naturally.
Edit, FYI: Looking at the seat load for CX237, quite a lot of empty seats - it's not filled up at the moment for accommodating the other three from Sunday.
Originally Posted by jframpto View Post
CX policy as per website is being followed pretty carefully by call centre staff, I've had people moved to avoid 16-18, 1 pax accepted downgrade from Bus to Prem Econ to avoid these dates, please bear in mind that if you leave it to chance and your flts are cancelled then you prob won't get FOC accomm at your disruption airport, and you will have to wait until new flts are avail of course .....
Originally Posted by FlyPointyEnd View Post
Traveling to PVG tomorrow (15th), CX proactively sent and email informing me that they will protect me on a partner airline....they when I checked my looks like they confirmed me on a MNL-PVG direct flight on MU for SUNDAY the 16th.

I had to call back and have them reinstate my CX flight because there is no way I'm flying MU.
Originally Posted by FlyPointyEnd View Post
I had the Manila office to reinstate my Sept 15 booking but it was taken out by HK and the MU was reinstated again. I decided to call the hotline after 20 minutes I finally got to speak with someone and they offered me PR on Sunday, on the refitted 330 with new Business Class seats (same with QF)...will make the most out of it and compare CX and PR on this trip. hehehehe

I called CX again because my flight on the 17th leaves PVG at 8:40am and I was hoping to get on an earlier flight...unfortunately they can't offer me anything other than flights on the 18th or 19th. The agent told me that HK will be most affected between 16 and 17th.
Originally Posted by FlyPointyEnd View Post
I'm on CX908 departing MNL at 6am connecting to PVG on KA804... there shouldn't be any problems since the typhoon should be on the eastern side of Luzon. I spoke my contacts at the airport and they said currently CX908 will still depart on time (depending on tonight's departure of CX913).

This morning I called the MNL office to sort it out, the only viable resolution I have was to ask them to reinstate my booking original booking, but when I logged in after lunch I saw that the protection team must have taken it out and put me again on the 16th on MU.
Originally Posted by FlyPointyEnd View Post
Managed to get on PR instead, I think its a better alternative to MU. Plus PR will be using their tri-class 330 so I get to check out their new seats.
Originally Posted by FlyPointyEnd View Post
My original flight CX908 actually left on time this morning...and looks like it just landed in HKG....kinda annoyed that CX got overly cautious and sent me to PR tomorrow (flights for today was full...then got cancelled) when they could have flown me to HKG this morning.
Originally Posted by bhyq View Post

i hate to say I told you so but....

24 hours notice isnít bad but still isnít good enough really. I think they should have offered proactive rebooking as soon as the observatory drew that line towards HK. Allowing flexible people to change and lighten the load on the call centre staff who will predictably now have to handle thousands of passengers rebooking and the hours of holding to achieve this - a lose lose situation for all.

No system is perfect but I still think this could be improved.
Originally Posted by tentseller View Post
For those who have access:
The HK Observatory map shows that Mangkhut made a turn in a more northerly direction leaving Luzon.
So the projected path will take it closer to HK.

At today's dim sum social (blowing water) brunch, a retired Uncle from the Observatory commented that this should be a T11.
This is the worse incoming since data is kept starting from 1946, the year he was born.

Everyone take care. If you need to leave take kaka's valuable advice.
I know two people got to HKIA and were able to fly out this afternoon for their "must be at" meetings.
Originally Posted by spgaston View Post
Got on CX879 in SFO on Friday thinking my Sat evening connection in HKG would be ok. Arrived here to find out they cancelled Sat eve flight to HYD even though weather is fine. I'm so pissed. They should have cancelled before I got on the plane in SFO.
No other flights to India available tonight.
I have a BP for Sunday the 16th, with handwritten Monday the 17th on it. I am protected on another flight on the 19th.
CX put me up in a hotel far from airport for two nights with paid taxi and meals (Paid J ticket). Guess I will be riding out the storm in Hong Kong.
Originally Posted by Ellice View Post
I have just recieved notification from CX that my 9.10am Sunday 16/9 flight to CDG has been rescheduled to FRIDAY 21/9. Midnight flight. Some SIX days from now. Has anyone got advice how to get this moved forwards? Ringing CX call centre just getting out on holding pattern.

Btw the advice people were putting out in this thread to go out to the airport yesterday and try and get on a flight was EXTREMELY unhelpful. There were NO available flights on Cx yesterday and the Hong Kong hotel rates are going through the roof. So to give up your hotel reservation to do that could have caused you to have incurred thousands of $$$ rebooking a hotel again after having gone out to the airport. VERY BAD ADVICE FROM SOMEONE PROBABLY NOT EVEN ANYWHERE NEAR HONG KONG.
Originally Posted by QRC3288 View Post
I was one of those people giving such advice.

I was at the airport as I typed it. I had just gotten me and two traveling companions moved from our KA flight on Sunday (cancelled) to Saturday (yesterday, day at airport), and we departed a few hours later.

The line I typed is nearly a verbatim quote given to me by the ground staff checking us in.

A fellow behind us in line, with a flight to Xiamen on Sunday, did the identical thing we did.

CX and KA had indeed zeroed out sales to accommodate people who wanted to switch. Of course, if the flight was already full, there is nothing that can be done. They are not going to force pax off.

I'm not sure where you were going, but a client of mine scheduled to fly to SFO on Sunday, showed up at the airport and managed to get on a flight yesterday to LAX.

Those are the only anecdotes I know for now. I'm sure others weren't successful too.

Sorry to hear you didn't catch your flight.
Originally Posted by G-CIVC View Post
CX601 HKG-MLE Sep 16 - 2x pax in I class already protected (with partner involved). Thank you 3888 for continuing to be 0-min wait and flexible (although not for higher fare bucket).

My 2nd IRROPS in my 16-month history with MPO, better handling this time!
Originally Posted by brunos View Post
But several pax who were desperately trying to get out of HK without a reservation for Saturday did get accomodated on departing flights.
im using mobile so i hope i copied the right quotes just to show had one gotten to the airport, one would be able to sort out the cx issues, either to get out, or avoid hkg

i booked a flight yesterday and missed it because of visa issues. i was put on hkgkhh instead against fare rules. like someone who went to lax, cx helped others to fly out on non-full flights.

Originally Posted by fallinasleep View Post
Eight hours before my outbound, received text that my return flight (CX565 from TPE to HKG) on 17th evening has been cancelled. Hoping they cancelled so far in advance because they need that A350 to fly long haul and not because they expect massive disruptions into Monday. I have a can't miss meeting on the 18th. Do I even bother flying in the morning? Am I now behind all the pax on the cancelled Sunday (16th) flights in terms of priority for rebooking?
Originally Posted by frisbfreek View Post
It's interesting that (so far) more TPE-HKG flights on the 17th are canceled than on the 16th.
not really (now)
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