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Originally Posted by Ellice View Post
I have just recieved notification from CX that my 9.10am Sunday 16/9 flight to CDG has been rescheduled to FRIDAY 21/9. Midnight flight. Some SIX days from now. Has anyone got advice how to get this moved forwards? Ringing CX call centre just getting out on holding pattern.

Btw the advice people were putting out in this thread to go out to the airport yesterday and try and get on a flight was EXTREMELY unhelpful. There were NO available flights on Cx yesterday and the Hong Kong hotel rates are going through the roof. So to give up your hotel reservation to do that could have caused you to have incurred thousands of $$$ rebooking a hotel again after having gone out to the airport. VERY BAD ADVICE FROM SOMEONE PROBABLY NOT EVEN ANYWHERE NEAR HONG KONG.
Advise still remain - best to have this dealt with at the airport as many of the last flights out are under airport control.
I know of more than 20 CX flyers who went to the airport and was able to leave the evening of Sept 15. There were many pax rebooked to Sept 15 who no-showed. Any available seats were given to stand-bys physically at the airport and will hop onto the flight.

I know for a fact that many who gave advise are HK residents and frequent flyers out of CLK.
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