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Originally Posted by LIH View Post
I do think this may be PE related or something. I am also noticing that my regular routes in Oct/Nov are offering only C and D fare classes for "discount first". Historically I have only had to book maybe 1-2 of those a year with 99% of my travel in A/Z/P. These are all hub<>hub routes. Makes me worried that there is going to be a PQM/fare class shift broadly.
I've noticed a very recent shift in the choice of differential premium rbds for domestic flights. It used to be

W and below -> P
V to H -> Z
Y to U -> A

Now appears to be

T and below -> P
V to S -> Z
U to Q -> D
Y to E -> C

Somewhere in between, they were shadowing the fares with $100 higher -K- (in 7th position) fares that booked into C/D instead of A/Z, which were more permissive buckets. The K series still exists, but has the same booking code scheme means that the fares are mostly meaningless. It's a little light on information to speculate here, but I would guess that they're going the way of AA and moving to selling domestic First on a JCDZP scale and FAO are getting retired. Given the significant overlap between J and C at the moment, I could even see it go to JCDZ to free up P, but who knows.

Originally Posted by jsloan View Post
Obviously there's a glitch that's coming and going w.r.t. the display of P earnings. There are two logical hypotheses -- UA plans to stop awarding 200% for discount business class, or UA plans to use P as a P+ fare class, and P+ will earn 150%. Note that I'm not suggesting they'd downgrade current reservations -- they won't. Rather, they may remap existing P tickets into Z.
Third option is that some other fare classes are going to be PE, but there is still a copy of the old PQM table somewhere in the codebase and they accidentally pointed some code at it

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