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Originally Posted by LIH View Post
I do think this may be PE related or something. I am also noticing that my regular routes in Oct/Nov are offering only C and D fare classes for "discount first". Historically I have only had to book maybe 1-2 of those a year with 99% of my travel in A/Z/P. These are all hub<>hub routes. Makes me worried that there is going to be a PQM/fare class shift broadly.
It's likely you're just running into inventory constraints. Likely, those flights have sold better than projections, so they're tightening up inventory to see what sells. Domestic F fares are sold on a differential basis, so tight inventory in either cabin will result in higher F fares.

Originally Posted by Phil Level View Post
I just checked a trip already booked for June 2019
LAX-EWR shows 3,681 PQM
EWR-LAX shows 4,908 PQM

Both are P fares and exact same $
Obviously there's a glitch that's coming and going w.r.t. the display of P earnings. There are two logical hypotheses -- UA plans to stop awarding 200% for discount business class, or UA plans to use P as a P+ fare class, and P+ will earn 150%. Note that I'm not suggesting they'd downgrade current reservations -- they won't. Rather, they may remap existing P tickets into Z.

I don't think we have enough information yet to figure which of these two is more likely.
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