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PRG - LHR 14th Sept. BA863 CE (Band 2)

Lunch menu as 13:45 departure. CE had 3 rows but only 8 people so a nice small cabin and relaxed service. CSM (so WW crew?) and one other staff member served the cabin. Great service obviously as nearly 2 hours and 2 staff with only 8 of us...

Meal choices were apparently (didn't see the other choices so can't confirm) 1) Roast Beef plate (which I had and has already been posted), 2) Chicken Caesar Salad (also posted) and 3) a Courgette salad...I will do a lot for FT but I draw the line at a Courgette salad (when I'm hungry at least)...only 8 meals loaded apparently and I did ask afterwards if there were any others leftover that I could get a picture of but alas everyone decided to eat. (only 3 roast beef loaded, btw).

Coffee was indeed good and drinkable now, I like the tactile feel of the new mug with the raised profile it provides around the circumference when not using the handle.

Pics for those interested. (I found the amount of roast beef quite good and the side salad was also tasty as plenty of flavours in there.)

Roast Beef lunch option

Coffee cup detail

My only very slight gripe would be that there were no warm options for those that would want this.

Safe travels.

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