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Suspect the biggest issue will be in AA outstations. Ideally I'd be looking to recheckin or start journey in LAX or ORD where at least the checkin staff for these flights should be more knowledgable.

I've recently done a SYD-PVG (6 days - 140 actual hours, 133 as calculated), HGH-(4hrs)-HKG on QF/CX/QF.
So absolutely qualified as a transit on a SYD-HKG fare with Shanghai stopover, using two different airports in the Shanghai region (PVG and HGH-Hangzhou)

QF telephone staff refused to provide any prior advice despite being pressed, and obviously the local consulate wants to sell you a visa.
But at checkin, armed with TIMATIC printout and highlighted portions marked, no issue, although did check with supervisor.

At PVG, despite a 70min queue (only 3-staff and one supervisor dealing with 24/144 Transits) no issue. Sighted itinerary. Confirmed I was staying within the Shanghai area, quick remark not to miss my flight as I was near the limit, and on my way.

Of note, the PVG immigration desk had a list from Qantas listing, Name, Passport Number and I believe onward destination -- so I absolutely wouldn't be booking a 'cancellable ticket' for the cruise - the cruise ports are stated in TIMATIC and as long as you have airline ticket and cruise ticket I can't see an issue
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