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Originally Posted by vinonobile View Post
Any idea what will/might happen to HKG-MNL flights on 14 Sep evening and 15 Sep morning?

I’ll arrive in HKG from the US on 14 Sep evening.
The flights are (not yet?) cancelled, but only the late afternoon flight on 15 Sep seems still bookable ...
You're completely missing the typhoon, not sure what your concern is. The airport doesn't shut down 2 days prior...

Originally Posted by spgaston View Post
I was transiting HKG (USA->India) on Sunday 16th but changed to transit on Saturday instead. My original flight had been zeroed out but the new one wasn't. Now the new flights are zeroed out...any cause for concern?
My suspicion on the 15th is they've closed out sales to accommodate the flood of passengers switching. Weather on 15th, except perhaps late in the evening is not forecast to be a problem at all.

16th is the ugly day.

Originally Posted by spideysense View Post
I have a paid business class ticket and connecting in HKG on my way to Canada on the 16th. Will Cathay re-book me on any other airlines, or only OneWorld once the flight is cancelled? Tried calling them twice, and hung up after holding for hours. Also, will it be in business class or whatever class is available?
Mate, it's going to be a tough situation if the typhoon hits HK as expected. Who they rebook you on is the last of your concerns; note they might not cancel, or might not cancel until the last minute, and then you could get stuck. Inevitably there are going to be a million and one passengers stuck, most of them also on paid tickets (Y, PEY, J and F). I definitely don't envy you in this position and my recommendation is follow the weather, and if the typhoon looks like it's going to hit HKG as expected, don't fly. Or expect to be in insanely overcrowded lounges or in an airport that will turn into fairly chaotic / refugee-center like atmosphere for 24 hours.

It's just going to suck. Sorry not to be more inspirational. But these crazy weather situations, while rare, happen from time to time.

Originally Posted by FlyPointyEnd View Post
Traveling to PVG tomorrow (15th), CX proactively sent and email informing me that they will protect me on a partner airline....they when I checked my looks like they confirmed me on a MNL-PVG direct flight on MU for SUNDAY the 16th.

I had to call back and have them reinstate my CX flight because there is no way I'm flying MU.
Yikes?! So they cancelled your flight on the 15th? Can you elaborate? I have a daytime flight tomorrow as well and figured no problem getting out.
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