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Managed to get through on MPC hotline.

(1) Request to move my flight from 14-16 Sep HKG-SIN-HKG to 5-7 Oct.
(2) Told me they cannot do it as the fare are not the same.
(3) Told her I will, of course, pay for the difference.
(4) No can do because the fare class I am booked under, I cannot move my flight to Oct, it MUST stay in the month of Sep.
(5) Told her that this is a departure from their terms and conditions, see above, it clearly stated that I can move my flight to or before 14 Oct.
(6) She apologised and then suggested 28 Sep.
(7) Told her that I am already booked on CX flights every weekend from now, 14th Sep, 21 Sep, 28 Sep and that's why I am now booking 5 Oct. She say she is unable to help.
(8) OK, I said now you are forcing me, I MUST and I will fly 14 Sep to Singapore to add on to CX chaos on Sunday 16 Sep, there is nothing more to say. I thought I was helping CX by moving my flight and creating an empty seat SIN-HKG for them.
(9) After a while, she return to the line and offer me a full refund.

Now you know why the calls had been flooding the line. They are definitely not helping themselves by putting in new rules and new restrictions.

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