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The Del Monte is by-far the best Marriott property in the area. Ironically, the Airport Marriott and Residence Inn (Greece) are also owned by the Del Monte Group.

I'm not fond of the "Airport" Marriott...It's not a bad hotel by any means, but it has a few issues in my book. It's not near the airport and right across the street is the RI, where I can get a suite for less than a room at the Airport Marriott. I'm mixed on the latest renovation of the Marriott. I agree it needed an overhaul, but the new battleship/prison-gray of all the common areas isn't great. The rooms remind me much more of a Courtyard, but with bathrooms that are poorly laid out. Want to shave at the sink? That'd be nice, but someone put the sink dead-center in the room...with the toilet in the way.
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