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Originally Posted by Cambo View Post
And, yes, that's a really big one. Bigger than the ones, the USA is peeing for in their pants.
Originally Posted by Cambo View Post
Could be, the forecast reference you give, does predict Mangkhut to be 105G130+ knots on landing at Hong Kong, which tends to be significantly above the max winds for land/starting aircraft. Be aware the timing in your reference is GMT, making it 8 hours later in the local clock. Which in turn implies, the wind speeds can be higher (somewhere up to 120G145 knots). Serious enough to be prepared.
In your initial post you said Mangkhut is bigger than Hurricane Florence and that the USA is "peeing in their pants" even though Florence is smaller. Hence my response that it may not be when it reaches Hong Kong. I agree it's serious enough to be prepared, as is Hurricane Florence.

The forecast at the link in my post changed from when I posted to the time of your response. When I posted it indicated the eye hitting Hong Kong on the 16th at 1800Z with max sustained winds of 90 knots. There was no need to account for any time change, because the entire forecast (both the map and the wind table) was based on Zulu time.
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