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Originally Posted by mingzie View Post
bhrubin you said you booked a fake meeting in the rewarding events thread to get your last 10 elite nights for lifetime. Were you lying about that too? Where's your av and catering? You should get a ban too - hypocritical man. If it was a real meeting and you didn't just do it for EQN how about you show us your AV and catering charges. Yeah, that's what I thought.
I have never booked a meeting--fake or otherwise. Your claim is disingenuous and dead wrong.

I did inquire post-Aug 18 from my Ambassador about whether or not I could book a meeting--since I've never before booked any Marriott meeting; I was told any meeting I booked would not qualify post-Aug 18 for 10 elite nights. Apparently, my actual group events with 10+ rooms in the spring of 2018 already had counted as "meetings" despite my never having booked any actual meeting at any Marriott hotel.

I had learned after the Aug 18 merged systems that I was a mere 15 legacy Marriott nights away from Marriott Platinum for 2018, which would qualify as my 10th total year of Platinum under the new terms and thereby grant me Lifetime Platinum Premier status in 2019. That is true.

It wasn't remotely hypocritical or unethical for me to ask my Ambassador whether my first ever meeting might qualify for 10 elite nights towards the 15 I just discovered I needed. I have stayed many times at Marriott properties in 2018, and I have booked groups of 10+ rooms at many Marriott properties in 2018. Yet I had never had any meeting with a 1 meeting room for the easy 10 elite nights. I still haven't.

So I have not booked any meeting. I never have booked a single meeting. You are dead wrong.

Even if I had been able to book a meeting for the first 10 elite nights, that would have been my first meeting ever. And I still only would have qualified for that first meeting for the 10 elite nights. No more. No more like you're trying to do.

You are trying to game the system. I am not.

I am not doing anything fraudulent or unethical to reach my 10th Platinum year. I did nothing fraudulent or unethical when I asked about my first ever meeting and whether or not it might earn me 10 elite nights. I would have done nothing fraudulent or unethical even if I had been able to book my first ever "fake" meeting and earn my first ever 10 elite nights for such.

That isn't what you're doing at all. My actions are not remotely akin to yours.

I doubt very much that that's what you were thinking. I'm not your red herring.

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