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Dear FTalkers,

Please help me understand if I'm missing anything:
  • My wife was originally on flight OS860 connecting to OS93 with arrival time of 2:25PM to IAD on 9/3 in J.
  • OS860 was cancelled and the Mrs was re-booked on AC83, connecting with AC8174 with scheduled arrival time of 20:32PM to IAD on 9/3.
  • AC83 was delayed, which forced her to miss the connecting flight and spend the night in YUL. We arrived to IAD the day after on 9/4 at 3:44PM.
I contacted OS for compensation according to EU 261/2004 and was denied with the reason that the flight was cancelled due to weather. When I pressed for more information, I received "we are unable to comment further."
Now, here's why I don't think it was cancelled due to weather:

The day before (9/2) OE-LBD which was scheduled to operate VIE-TLV-VIE, was cancelled from VIE to TLV and was re-routed to TIA. Now, isn't it operational at this point? if the weather permitted flying, than the plane should've made it to TLV instead of TIA, but an operational decision was made, to re-route the plane to TIA.

OE-LBD - Notice VIE-TLV cancelled and was re-routed to VIE-TIA

LY361 made it on time on Sep 3rd, 2018 with many other flights flying to Vienna, all within the same hour time frame of OS860, a clear indication that there was were no weather issues in VIE or TLV.Date

LY arrived on time

On September 3rd 2018, OS180, OS7052, OS920, OS424 and many more OS operated flights, arrived safely and on-time to VIE within the time frame of 8:55am to 9:10am local VIE time, same scheduled arrival time of OS860.

All scheduled arrivals to VIE within the time-frame of 8:55am (VIE local time) , but OS860 arrived ON-TIME, including various OS operated flights, such as: OS 7112, OS 568, OS 332, OS 920, OS 98, OS 760 and more. Clearly there was no weather issues in VIE preventing OS from operating, because they did operate:

VIE Arrivals 03/09

There were no weather issues in TLV as well:

TLV Departures 03/09

Thoughts? Do I have a case or am I missing something big that they see?

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