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As a general rule, unless there is a price difference or some other reason to prefer a codeshare such as miles earning, then booking on the operating carrier code is best as this reduces complexity and makes managing disruption issues easier.

In your case you should therefore book as all BA flight numbers, as both flights are operated by BA (assuming this is CPH-LHR-YVR).

The rules on delays/cancellations youíre thinking of are probably regulation EU261. In that case the liability depends on the operating carrier so whether you book a codeshare isnít strictly relevant, although the more airlines involved the more likely you are to get the run around. In any event yours is a departure *from* the EU so you would be covered by any airline. If you were flying *to* the EU you would only be covered if the operating airline were an EU carrier (i.e. BA yes, AA no).

Note: as yours is a discounted cruise line ticket it may well not be eligible to earn miles in BA or other schemes - you would have to check with the cruise line about that, or ask BA after you book. Sounds like youíre not too concern about that though.

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