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The $100 meeting getting 10 nights elite credit was kind of an 'open secret' since it was pretty clearly disclosed here on Flyertalk. While I agree *technically* that it shouldn't matter what type of meeting you had BEFORE August 18, I feel it makes a big difference in Marriott's reaction. For example, if I was a wedding or other large event planner I would imagine Marriott would care about my business and be more open to playing by the rules they set. If not, I only imagine they could use the 'change rules at any time' that's likely buried in the fine print of this and every other program we sign up for.

I'm not saying its right either way, just saying why some others are asking that question. Some more rudely than others, for sure. From all the integration issues that are still affecting MANY users it could also simply be that whoever is getting these escalations simply hasn't gotten to the issue yet.
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