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Confused about code share flights

we will be going on a transatlantic cruise from Florida to Copenhagen next spring and have been researching for good price on Business Class fares to fly back to Vancouver from Copenhagen. We donít have points of significance on any FF plan so best product for cheapest price is what we are looking for.
The cruise line web site has incredible prices for one way flights, around $1500 per person, Business Class.
But I am really confused about the way they list them and what drawbacks or advantages might come with some of them.
for instance for same exact flight times and layovers (one, in LHR) and price I can choose between:
American Airlines, operated by British Airways.
First leg, BA second leg, AA, operated by BA.
BA on both flights.
BA on first leg, Iberia, operated by BA on second leg.

i am at a loss which to book and want to lock in this price before it is gone. Any help is appreciated.
as for FF programs, I am Canadian, so usually fly from Vancouver or the US, if that makes a difference.
i also have heard that the rules on responsibility for delays and cancellations can be different when flying from different countries - so does choosing BA or AA make a difference with that?

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