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Originally Posted by mingzie View Post
Again, you are talking about post 18 Aug t and c. None of which apply to our cases.

I never said I didn't care about status. Stop putting words I'm other peoples mouths. I said I'd rather lose my account (FOR DOING WHAT?).

Geez, no logic whatsoever.
nothing in the current T&C says they cant go back to your behavior BEFORE the 18th and say - we dont like what you did, welcome to your new non-existent marriot rewards account. you might not like the idea, but I'm warning you what the current t & c says incase you dont know it, so that you can decide if you want to push the subject given how these new terms would make a reasonable reader think marriot views the practice (whether actual or only in appearance).

I didnt say you didnt care about status. I said you obviously did.

what might you lose your account over? i already told you. marriot apparently takes a dim view of people planning meetings just to get EQNs. thats why they added those terms to their T&C about meeting professionals.

dont get mad at me. i didnt take your EQNs away. I'm just warning you that there might be some risk to what you are doing. if you want to take that risk, by all means go right ahead.
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