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Originally Posted by orbitmic View Post
And no salad... just sandwiches or sandwiches.
You heart does indeed sink a little when confronted with such a bland (and less-than-healthy !) range of food choices - stretching as they do very little beyond bread, bread .... and more bread, along with ham, cheese, or chicken. Cheese also appears in two of the much-hyped vegetarian sandwiches. Nothing in the way of salads or sushi, or any other such options as offered by M&S in-store.

If the only aim is simply to ensure that passengers stave off any hunger pangs during their flight then, fine I guess, and mission accomplished. But a menu so dominated by sandwiches offers little excitement, and instead has all the appearance of being stuck in a 1970ís time warp, with barely a nod to the multitude of nutritious foodie innovations seen - even within the Ďgrab-and-goí market - over the last four decades or so.

Pricing was of course discussed in detail when BoB first appeared (along with BAís own suspect claims made at the time). Some FT-ers are no doubt happy with the prices, and others rather less so. Personally I still donít understand why items as simple as a can of coke, or bottle of spring water, need be charged at around four or five times the typical retail cost, given that the original implied objective of BoB was purely to remove from BAís balance sheet the costs previously associated with included ET catering.

In summary, itís the woeful lack of imagination that I find so striking in this latest menu. Itís disappointing to see that, when BAís people sit down with M&S, this is the best result of their joint efforts.

A shame that those responsible for putting together the actual content of the food menu arenít as resourceful / imaginative as the photographer.
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