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In terms of food quality the CCR is a reasonable dining experience - for a Little Chef - at breakfast. What does it matter if I focused on vegetarian items above? On my last visit, no one liked the food or the service in the CCR in my party. In the surrounding booths, people were openly complaining across the aisle. I haven't seen that before. The food is not 'tasty or enjoyable' in my opinion. The menus are badly constructed and inadequate for the needs of modern day passengers. The menus are convenient for the caterers. That's the best that can be said. They can't even get a simple classic like a scone right. Stale is not a standard I accept. A toasted scone to disguise the staleness is typical of the 'ingenuity' the caterers display. My requirements needn't test a Michelin chef. Fresh food is not a lofty aspiration.

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