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This is also available to NBO. I was able to get ATL-NBO for abt. $2250 with a 1-night stay at a 5-star hotel on a mix of DL/AF/KQ metal. I saw fares < $2000 if you are willing to stay at a hostel or 2-star hotel. Booked via Travelocity.

The trick to getting a 1-night stay, even though the minimum is officially 2 nights, is to specify check-in on your day of departure and check-out two days later. During the booking process, you will get a message "This flight arrives the next day, so we're changing your hotel stay." and it will change the check-in date to the following day keeping the checkout the same.

A word of caution to make sure that you get your ticket number on your itinerary. My original trip was JFK-NBO which was $2900. It was never ticketed however, and I didn't find this out until I called Travelocity to change my trip. (I purchased the vacation protection package.) They said that they sent me an e-mail message about it, but I never got one. Apparently the airline decided not to honor the fare. Travelocity refunded all of my money including the insurance. However it would've been really bad had I not found this out until my flight date.

I purchased a new itinerary from ATL-NBO mentioned above. Of course it's $700 less but they had no problem ticketing that one, so go figure. I was going to file a DOT complaint, but no need since I'm saving lots of money now.
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