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Originally Posted by Anderson24 View Post
I must say that I am suprised by the replies here. I would probably never refuse to lend a pen to anyone, as a matter of courtesy.

I find it even less defensible as it was a cheap one and this happened in a confined space.

Sure, you have the right not to lend your pen and the OP's comment that ensued was unnecessary, but refusing to help when it comes at no cost to you is a sad behaviour in my opinion...
I could hardly agree more. Excluding some out of the ordinary scenarios where the person next to me has behaved like a total jerk throughout the flight or I only have my family heirloom $$$$ pen, I personally have hard time to come up what I would lose to help out someone with something as minuscule as lending them a pen for a couple of minutes. Considering germs I would guess that most of us are forced to handle way worse things when traveling unless I have specific reasons to think otherwise. Each to his/her own.

That said I cannot remember the last time I needed to borrow a pen myself but based on the comments of the this thread I will make an extra effort to make 100% sure I will always have one on me when flying.
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