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Originally Posted by jackb1 View Post
Sounds strange he wouldn't lend someone a pen, although the staff on the plane would presumably have one.

Still, there are certain way to go about things - this wasn't one of them!
Sometimes I have extra hotel pens.

Sometimes I don't, because the passengers on the last flight took them all.

I'm required to keep one on my person at all times so you're not getting that one, sorry.

Originally Posted by j2simpso View Post
Why don't the FAs just hand out pens? Flying into HND from HKG a couple months ago I noticed the FAs had a bundle of pens they carried with landing forms they handed out to passengers. Those pens also had the nice ANA branding on them so I asked for one even though I knew full well I had a working poem in my bag! Seems like a marketing opportunity missed!

Safe Travels,

It could be weight, it could be cost.

I know UAL used to have them in the amenity kits for BusinessFirst, and even a mini pen into the first round of "Polaris" kits. I don't think I've seen them in awhile, though.
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